Brown Bears 3- 5 years...

The adventure of pre - school

Brown Bears are our pre-school children. We are registered with Ofsted, we follow the same guidelines as state nurseries and are able to offer our parents  15 -  hours free  and as from September 2017 parents can qualify for 30 hours flexible nursery care and education. Call and speak to one of our managers for further information they will organise everything for you. 

The staff in our pre-school room recognize the importance of preparing children for their first taste of school life. Our equipment and resources encourage independence and decision making. Staff make sure we offer a well balance day of adult led and child led activities by continual observations and well planned learning. Activities are planned from what the children are interested in and want to do, which means they learn as they play. Every child develops as an individual to their fullest potential but at their own speed children learn and develop best through active learning using open ended resources allowing them to investigate and learn as they play and make choices.Our nurseries are looked upon as an extension from home - a place where children feel safe and parents content. All doors accessible to children have fingers guards, stairs have child height hand rails and we have a strict mobile phone policy which does not allow mobiles in our nurseries. Our children enjoy outdoor play as much as possible in secure, safe areas with age appropriate resources.