All of the pictures of children feature on our web site are examples of our activities and parents have agreed to share these lovely images, we believe children should learn indoors and outdoors and be in awe and wonder while while learning.

All furniture is at child height for the age group using it, with rounded safe corners and washable surfaces, chairs are appropriate sizes so that children sit safely and comfortably. Our 2-3 and preschool rooms cover the seven areas of learning both "Prime and Specific"; Personal social and emotional - Communication and language- Literacy - Mathematics - Understanding of the world - Physical development - Expressive arts and design. Our 0-2 room  focuses on three "Prime" areas - Physical development - Personal social and emotional - Communication and language.


We may not be the biggest but we are the best. We pride ourselves in providing a foundation for later achievements, children who attend our nurseries integrate easier when starting school and we know from our parents comments we give all we can to the happiness, care and education of our children.