Help with childcare costs
There are options available to help with childcare costs -

Pre-school funding- if your child is three years old you can
receive up to 15 hours of education and childcare absolutely FREE and if needed you have the option of wrap around care added to this, you can also extend these hours over school holidays. These sessions are good for socialising. As from September 2017 parents may qualify for 30 hours free childcare and education, our managers can give details of this or visit the local authority web page.
2 year old funding - you may qualify for 15 hours FREE childcare for your 2 year old.. contact our nurseries, your health visitor or local authority for more information.

Childcare vouchers - are a way of paying for childcare through
part of your salary. Savings in tax and national insurance payments
can amount to approx £920 a year for the average tax payer and
the employer will make voucher payments direct to the childcare

 Support for parents in further education can be obtained from "care to learn" if you are aged under 20 you can claim up to £155 a week for registered childcare which is paid directly to the provider.

You may qualify for up to 80% family tax credits to help with costs.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and any of our managers will
be able to help if you have any questions - simply click on the
"About us " page for the contact numbers of our nurseries.

We all need a helping hand sometimes ....... give us a call !